Roast on the coast

At Roast on the Coast we are here to help your party or celebration be one that your guests will remember and not burn a hole in your budget.Ask Glen or use the enquiry tab the best way you save money when it comes to catering for event or party. 

Most of our Rotisseries are fuelled by charcoal which gives any meat a lovely smokey aroma and taste.  We also have the largest gas-fired deluxe spit roast on the Gold Coast that can cater for events of 300+ people.

Happy Roasting!


Steven 2011-02-19

I am a professional chef and used Roast on the Coast for many celebrations and find their spit roast machines to be the best roasters around,combined with the great charcoal provided the meat always comes up delicious.


Gary 2010-12-23

I recently used Roast on the Coast for my wife's 40th,spit roaster was so easy to use and the suckilng pig came up tremendous.Thanks